Project 5kg….6 Key points to gaininig back what was taken from you!

On my travels in Australia I was very unfortunate to be struck down by severe stomach flu. This was not a pleasant time and as a result of this I lost 5kgs of lean mass. Now for any athlete/gym goer you should have a strong understanding of how hard it is to pack on 5kgs of muscle mass, and how demoralising it can be to have it taken away in a mater of 10 days!!! I wont go into any more detail of my experiences but lets just say it wasn’t pleasant. As you can see from the picture the loss is quite drastic.


So in response to a few requests via social media I have put together a short insight of how I plan to get the mass back on. This will be in the form of 6 key points.

1) Know your body

Knowing your body is an essential tool for any lifter. Know how hard you can push, when your tired and when you really need to rest. Listen, Train, Rest Adapt! Sometimes less is more. And DO NOT COPY WORKOUTS YOU SEE POSTED ON-LINE. Do your reading or hire someone who knows the drill!!!

2) Time

The muscle isn’t just going to pop up like pop-eye eating a tin of spinach. Its important to be patient. Do not chase the gains. This is where injuries occur and regression will happen. You will just end up skinny and broken for a long time on the scrap heap. However, it will take less time to be put back on than the hard earned hours it originally took as your body remembers these things. But be prepared for a slog. Long term sustainable gains are not found in a pre-workout shake. Sorrrrry to burst your bubble….

3) Attitude

‘Success isnt always about ‘greatness’. Its about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come.’ – Dwayne Johnson.

Need I say more.

4) Diet

The key ingredient (excuse the pun). 70% diet, 30% training. A real simple formula for sustainable mass is lean meats and root veg carbohydrates. AND LOTS OF THEM…..FREQUENTLY!!!!

5) Training

Okay, this is the really tricky part and comes back to knowing your body. Basically you need to know what type of training gets you the best results!! There is more than one way to skin a cat but the most efficient way is all about the science of training. Stimulation the body to adapt is a difficult process but can be so effective when done the right way. A little tip….stick to the compound movements!!!


Lastly, the power program is still live for £5 per week. Get signed on by emailing Subject: Power Program £5. Train how I train!!!!

In Strength,

Sam Portland

Sportland Training and Fitness.


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