My Thoughts on the crossfit phenomena……

Hi All,HFM

A little while ago I was very fortunate to be approached by a journalist who wanted me to express my thoughts on crossfit. As they were very interested in the actual physiological processes behind the typical workouts. Initially I did have me reservations for obvious reasons;

  • the cults will be out to get me
  • being branded as a ‘crossfit hater’
  • comments like…..what; paleo isn’t good enough for you?
  • What does he know? He’s just someone who likes to lift weights
  • typical ‘rugby’ guy.
  • Bla Bla Bla

And lost of other miss informed opinions and haterade being thrown my way.

So…. I decided to feature in the article and I should be out in next months ‘Healthy for Men’ Magazine the official publication from Holland and Barrett. So if you would like to read and see an honest opinion of the physiological demands of crossfit and how this pertains to sport; I urge you to grab a copy.

Sam Portland

Sportland Training and Fitness

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