What Drives You? Motivation, personality…..your mission? For me….I just want to be a superhero.

Recently I have been talking with some people and a lot of questions pertain to inner drive and where it actually comes from. How do you stay on track with your training? How do you cope with getting injured? What do you do when this happens etc. So i thought i’d put together this short post but kind of flip it back on you a little. This in fact is a really great topic to talk shop with. Its endless and really requires some reflection. Now don’t think I am getting too deep on all you meat heads and bad asses out there but…..there will come a time, in a set, in a game or in your life where you will have to call on this ‘inner superhero’ to complete the challenges you are faced with. It will make the difference between success and failure. But you need to know you have it there in your locker ready to go. You have to nurture it and know you have it.

Being in the gym or playing sport we are countlessly challenged with failure or are we? Are we merely placed with an opportunity not to come second best (the worst term known to man)? Half full or half empty? This could be missing a tackle, missing a rep, not hitting a target rep range or bailing out early on conditioning because you have gassed out. Or for some people,  they have the inherent nature to just quit. Now I ask you the question;

If there were two doors. Behind one door there was everything you ever wanted in your life, but it had a long hard road to get there. Then you have the second door, wide open with a satisfactory future waiting right there for you. What door would you go through? More to the point why would you gone through the door you have?

For me….its all about the journey, you have to be process driven to get the end goal! Yes of course your going to fall down, of course your going to have set backs but in the word of a famous hollywood boxer;

‘its not about how hard you can hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward’

A statement like that should hold true to alot of you guys and girls out there. I hope it does, and i am not the only one who appreciates a fairy tail. I am a firm believer that hard work can out shine talent and consistent hard work to a high level will get you to where you want to go. Because you would have EARNED it and no one has the right to take that away from you. That is my fairy tail and that is how I will become a super hero.

Now I assume your reading this thinking, what pre-workout have I taken today….this guy actually believes he can be a super hero…..no I don’t. What I mean is that I have a certain mind set. A state that no one can take away or dampen. This has stemmed from the role models I have chosen and boils down to persistence, patience and consistency. I feel it is about personal philosophy too. A very smart man once told me that if you can take your philosophy to life and it be received by someone who is the polar opposite to you, that is when your on the right path.

I hope this prompts some higher thinking and gives your some insight into what I value in the inner athlete and person and how i stay on task.

In Strength

Sam Portland

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