Essentials For your own Home Gym.

Below is a question which I get a lot of the time from you pure warriors out there. Who like me have zero allegiance to the carpets and chrome of commercial fitness suites nor the douche bags we see curling in squat racks in them. We just want to get results.

Andre Asks…

‘Hi Sam, I hoping you maybe able to part with some advise or at least share some experience as I’m seriously contemplating converting a workshop space that we have at the end of the garden, into a full on gym/man cave. The space measures in the region of 3m by 6m, and the only limiting factor is the height tops out at just over 2m. So I should be able to squeeze in a power cage at a push….

I’m about to invest in a bench and Olympic bar/weights etc so I can get the main lifts covered off, however since you’ve converted a space into a fully functioning gym I’m interested in what else you would put on your list of “equipment must haves”.’

Guys like Andre get me fired up as they are seriously committed to their results and training. This is great to see and below is my list of must haves for your own home gym. In Andre’s question he mentioned his gyms dimensions being 3m x 6m. This is more than enough space as he will be able to fit a power rack in and have some floor space too. What I have done below is provide two lists of equipment. The first is the ‘Budget No issue list’. It is as it sounds, the ideal list shop bought equipment. The second being the Budget List. The budget way of training has no limits and has got me some great results in the past. Today I still make some of my own equipment. With a little bit of improvisation and imagination you can hit ‘beast status’ and achieve your goals with no problems. Also I must point out bodyweight training is a very powerful tool. If its not in your program, get it in there. But before I digress, here are the lists.

Budget No issue List

  • Power Rack
  • 7ft Bar and Weights (200kg of plates)
  • Bowflex of Power Block adjustable dumbells
  • Pull Up bar
  • Assortment of Kettlebells
  • Abb Wheel
  • Jump Stretch Bands
  • Gym Matts
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Gymnastic Rings or a suspension Trainer
  • Weighted Vest (10kg is enough)
  • Adjustable squatting box
  • Dip Belt

Budget List (everything on this list can be made or got for free/

  • Sand Bags
  • Bands
  • Push up handles
  • Beer Kegs (fill up with sand, water, or both and you can make them VERY heavy)
  • Suspension Trainer (roof rack straps, pvc pipe, tape)
  • Somewhere for pull ups (in the pas I have used a stair case, just pad out your hands.
  • Sand Slugs (act like chains to place around your neck. I will place a video if there is enough response)
  • Abb wheel
  • Cheap Spin Lock Dumbells for assistance exercises
  • If you have garden space, drag a tire for abit.
  • Most Farmers will be happy to part company with old tractor tires


  • Foam Roller/PVC Pipe
  • Tennis Ball
  • Hockey Ball
  • 18inch Dowell
  • Stretch Band
  • Voodoo Band
  • Mini Bands

Andre and all you other back garden beasts out there, I hope this clears up your questions.

In Strength,

Sam Portland

SPORTLAND GYM!!(Pano of the gym as it is now)



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