Three Exercises for Developing Acceleration and Speed

My Pulley Progressions for Developing Speed in Athletes

speed training for athletes

How to develop speed? This is someting that I get asked all the time. If you see my short post on ‘the golden rule of speed’ you will know the we need to put force into the ground to run fast. Then we need to adopt the appropriate shapes/technical model, speed it up whilst maintaining a high transfer of force into the ground. This is something that is called Rate of Force Development. This is something that I assess with all of my ‘Force Diagnostic’ work. Lets take a look at three progressions that I like to use when developing Acceleration.

Pulley Walks

Pulley Walks help the athlets learn to lean and put force into the groud. Feel the positions and learn to project forward. The main points I look for here is a good 45 degree lean, big arm movements, knee driving forward, foot contact under neath the belly button, low heel recover, lots of leg separation and the athlete GOING FORWARD.

Pulley Bounds

Resisted Bounds are an immediate progression from the pulley walks. Here we are looking at increasing the rate of force deveopment of the athlete. I am looking for the athletes to be stiff when the hit the ground, create large amounts of force and GO FORWARD!!!


Switch Bounds

The switch bound is the final segment. Here the driver is to carry over the pricinples from the bound but increas the frequency of the leg movements. I am still looking for large forces into the ground but doing is AS QUICK AS YOU CAN!!!.


If you do not have a pulled you can use a sled or bands. This will help give you resistance to overcome. Remember speed is about quality and not quantity. The most I will give my guys is 6 efforts over 20m with long recoveries.



Sam Portland.

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