Off-Season Sprint Program for Athletes

Off Season Sprint Program for athletes

I have decided to put together an off-season sprint training program. This will enable you to get yourself prepared for pre-season and make the most of the optimal time of the year to build your speed!

This program is a step by step introductory speed development guide. What this means is that there is no guess work, everything is put in place for you to follow. If you follow it to the letter YOU will get faster and YOU will perform better. Here is the outline of the rest of the guide.

  • Acceleration Mechanics – Video Guide
  • Maximum Velocity Mechanics – Video Guide
  • Speed Specific Warm Ups
  • Six Week Schedule and Training Sessions.
  • Complementary Plyometrics
  • Supplementary weights program
  • Access To private Speed Coaching Group where I will critique your videos.




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