An example of a Counter Movment Jump Force Trace
An example of a Counter Movment Jump Force Trace

Sportland Training and fitness is pleased to announce that we are able to provide Gold Standard force diagnostic services. Utilising some of the most state of the art equipment you can now take your training to the next level. Having the power of knowing every detail about your force production is an essential tool for performance enhancement. Force platform technology is only usually avaiible for elite athletes which is why I am so excited to be able to make this technology acessible to you right to your gym. This is something you do not want to miss out on!


What is a force platform?

Force plates are a considered the GOLD STANDARD biomechanical instrument used to measure ground reaction forces. The platforms are connected to a computer and record all movements that interact with their sufaces; this can be in the form of jumps, landings or static pressure. They record data based on the fundamental principles of Newtonian physics.

Rule 1. Inertia – How easily to overcome your own body weight. This is essential for all movement.screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-11-54-10

Rule 2. Acceleration – How fast you can produce force.

Rule 2. Equal and Opposite Reaction – How reactive you and ‘springy’ you are.



Who Needs to use Force Platforms?

In short…everybody. Force platforms are only usually found within sport science labs or elite professional environments. Organisations such as England Rugby, English institute of sport, Arsenal Football club, Manchester United to name just a few profile and enhance their athletes using this technology. This video is an example of the Countermovement Jump Assessment performed by a professional rugby player.

What does it tell me?

Depending on what assessment you use there are multiple variable that can be assessed. The system used will sample up to 1000hz. This means that the plates record 1000 data points per second. This creates accuracy that is second to none. Some of the variables looked at would be;

  • Peak Power
  • Maximum Force
  • Time to Peak Force
  • Left Vs Right Strength Differences
  • Left Vs Right Movement Strategy
  • Jump Height
  • Dominant muscle fibre type
  • Many Many More…

What will I receive from the Force plate analysis?

There are multiple packages that you can choose from with regading your force preferences. See below to make your selection.

  1. Full Lower Body Strength and Power Profile: This assessment comprises of four tests that will provide a broard spectrum of your strength and power ability. A report will be given regarding findings and training recomendations. Ideal for all athletes and training populations.
  2. Upper Body Strength and Reactive Strength Profile: This assessmenet is a combination of two tests assessing under the bar Power Profile and explosive ballistic upper body strength. A report will be given regarding findings and training recomendations. Ideal for all athletes and training populations.
  3. Squat, Bench Press Or Deadlift Power Profile: Using the latest accelerometry technology learn exatly where your deficits lay in your main lifts and what you need to do to acheive new personal bests. If your main goal it to just lift more weight then this is for you. A report will be given regarding findings and training recomendations.
  4. Jump and Reactivite Strength Profile: Most sports require you to move your body fast through the air. As we know from Newton we need to be effective at producing and absorbing force. Learn how you produce and absorb force with the Jump and Reactive Strength profile. This assessment tell your exactly how you jump and land….do you load heavy through the ankle, or not enough through your hips? This assesments tells you everyting you need to know to get faster on the track or the pitch.
  5. Hamstring Injury Prevention Screen: If you have frequent hamstring issues this is the one for you! It says exactly what it is. Two Specifically designed assessments will give you everything you need. If you have a specific injury you think you need diagnostics ran on then please contact me directly.
  6. Quadricep Hamstring Ratio: This ratio is one of the key indicators for ACL and PCL knee injuries in sports. If you have had one of these injuries and would you would like to see if your rehab in on the right lines then sign up!
  7. THE FULL WORKS: This is a combination of Packages 1, 2 & 3. This is a full power MOT!!!


Want to learn more about these assessments……keep reading!!!

Full Strength and Power Profile

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-16-43-21This assessment allows us to indetify a range of phyical qualities that all combine to make explosive athletic performance. If you are an athlete looking to identify how you produce force, what type of muscle fibre recruitment you have then this is the assessment for you.


Reactive Strength Assessment

Being an effective athlete is all about producing force as quick as possible. Running top speeds, beating opponents or throwinging obejcts is all about ‘who can get there with quickiest with the most ammount of force’. These reactive assessments are designed to analyse those competitive attributes.

The Lower body Assessment requires the athelte to step off of varying heights and rebound off the floor as quick as possible whilst jumping as high as possible. This will identify your ability to ‘load and explode’ but more so what level of training you are ready to perform. This will yeild the best results for you whilst minimising the risk of injury.

The Upper body Assessment requires the athlete to perform pliometric push ups (push ups from a height). As to the jumps this will identify your ability to ‘load and explode’ but more so what level of training you are ready to perform. This will greatly inform training pescription and

 Accelorometer Squat, Bench Press or Deadlift Power Profile

Jump power profiling is essential to athletic performance and brining up the weaknesses in your strength to help you acheive those personal records in the rack. After this assessment you will know the exact weights you need to lifting to develop the areas of your strength most applicable to you. Utilising this method I have preveiously put <30kg on an experienced weight lifters 1RM. With this assessment you will receive a report and an optional personalised 12 week loading cycle.


Injury Prevention Screening screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-12-08-26

Unfortunately the More you compete in sport or train their is a higher risk of injury. Hamstring injuries are extreemely common in alot of sports as they are key speed porducing muscles. If you have inbalances between legs and certain muscle groups you stand a greater RISK of getting injured.

Conversely if you have suffered and injury and are unsure where you are with your rehab (very common) you can bee screened very simply to give you the exact clarity as to where you are within your rehabilitation journey.

What Does My Report Look Like?

With lots of data collected from the force plates and technology, my job is to communicate the findings to you in the most effective way possible. Click on the links below to see some samples of what your report will resemble. Note:all data is made up and not genuine athlete profiling

Quadricep Hamstring Ratio Sample Report

Hamstring Screen Sample

 Power Profile Sample