A rehab triumph!

All sports participants will admit their is always an element of risk when you take up a sport. Especially rugby. Even more so; playing in the front row. Let me tell you the recent story of Alex who is one of my one-to-one athletes and a friend. He recently suffered a significant set back whilst playing.

During the course of the game, Alex who plays prop was victim of the scrum collapsing. Now this is a nerve racking experience and it is well documented that this can be a serious event.


In my honest opinion Alex got away lightly. He only suffered a tear of his left pectoral muscle, it could have been ALOT worse. This was because as the scrum collpsed his arm was pulled back behind him. Then….POP! So here is a crash course in what we did.

  1. Consultend a medical professional and got a scan as fast as we could.
  2. Assessed the extent of the damage.
  3. Started TRAINING!

Alex was told that post scan his season was over this year from the damage displayed on the scan. He was lucky as it wasnt a full rupture but a VERY bad tear. With an informed decision we made the choice to get after it. So we put a plan in place, Alex was extreemely dillengent and he played his first game back this weekend passed. I am extreemely happy for him and has reaped all the benefits from his hard work. Here is what Alex had to say about the whole process.

“Sam was exceptional from the post match consultation all the way through to my first match. He talked me through a comprehensive, professional and acheivable plan which he time scaled at 12 weeks. He even lent me his electro muscle stimulation machine so I could do my ‘homework’. Sam was professional, hoenst and thorough throughout the whole process. Due to the early intevention I was able to play on my 10th week of rehab. I returned to play, stronger and more mobile than ever. Through this whole process I was able to hit a 15kg squat PB too. Thank you Sam”

Nothing pleases me more when everything falls into place and my athletes attack the process head on. It takes alot of trust and patience and Alex is a great example of this. I look forward to working with him on his off-season goals and taking his performance to the next level again.


Thanks for taking the time to read about Alex’s great success.


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