Prepare yourself for your biggest adventrure with the Adventure Junkie Program

Sportland Adventure Junkie Training Program is here...

Why Choose this Program?

Mountain Climbing

This program is the program that no other coaches write. It is the program that you have been looking for in the persuit of outdoors adventure. The hardest thing about being under prepared for adventure is the lack of appreciation for it when you are tired and sore from the activity. The toughest thing I have done to date is to climb to Mount Everest Basecamp with 7-weeks notice to prepare! This is the program that I have extended and developed as a result of my own experiences!

What Does the Adventure Junkie Program Cover?

  • Hiking In the Mountains
  • Rock Climbing
  • Open Water Kayaking
  • Caving
  • Rafting
  • Outdoor Survival Experiences
  • Obstacale Races