Exercise of the Week – Over Head Single Leg RDL

The RDL is a fundamental exercise used in all parts of physical preparation. The RDL exploits the fundamental pattern of hingeing. Add in the over head dynamic you have an instantaneous invovlvement of the upper back encrouanging upright postures. Hingeing at the hip is extremely important to anyone who participates in sports due to the fact that all of our explosive movements our products other powerful hip hingeing sequence which is integrated into what is known as triple extension. The exercise that I’ve chosen to this week is one where the athlete has to overcome a really long lever at the hip which challenges stability through a range. With any representation of and athlete given ability to produce force we often neglect the aspects of stability, and as for as maximum expression of physiological quality goes we Will never achieve this if we do not have a stable structures accommodating this gross motor ability.

As Annie coach or athlete yourself reading this it’s really important to recognise the fact that you need to build in streams for your exercise progressions and constantly revisit these in order to provide variety, and avoid desensitisation or progression in certain Motor/physical qualities. Check out the video to see for yourself.

As you can see the exercise is quite taxking and requires alot of concnetration. If you pay attention to the angle of the left thigh there is minimal displacement. All the articulation is happening arounf the hip. This challenges the structures around this to a great degree.

If you would like to see my full stream of standing hip hige exercises let me know…


Thanks again and Ill speak to you next week.



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