Emmaus: The best kept secret…

Why Emmaus?

He did it…Sam pictured at Everest Basecamp.

In December 2016 Sam and his family were faced with the suddern loss of his older brother Jack. Often quoted as ‘at school he was the most inteiligent, best athlete and winner with the ladies’ Jack was applying to become a companion at Emmaus but sadly lost his battle with mental heath and narcotic abuse. Following his loss Sam decided to complete the pinnacle of ammateur trekking and complete the 20 day door to door trip reaching Everest Base Camp. With only seven weeks to prepare Sam had to use all of his knowlege of physical preparation and get ready to tolerate 50% less oxygen throught the trip in some of the most unforgiving conditions on the planet. A trip of life changing circumstances to change the circumstances of lives.

Inside a year money rasied has drastically impacted the companions of Emmaus. With a ring fenced account there have been multiple projects running. A goal of mine is to remove the stigmas associated to homelessness, mental health and addiction. One missed pay cheque, one significant life event, and it could be you.

My Story With Emmaus

My Emmaus St Albans Short Film

Ive wanted to create alot of awareness for this charity as I feel bound to them now. As a result I went and spent the day interviewing the companions of Emmaus St.Albans. Truely Inspirational.


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